What did numbers say about Prime minister PV Narsimha Rao

  • Prime Minister P V Narsimha Rao(28-6-1921)
    A number 1 ruler with destiny number 2 & governed by number 2 too. Name Number "P.V NARSIMHA RAO" added to an excellent name number 47 i.e 2. https://goo.gl/H4UAfc
    He took the charge as the 9th prime minister of India on 21 June 1991 in his own period number 2 (Cancerian ruler 20 june to 22nd july) & year 1991 also added to 2.
    Note: 28 is not a nice octave of 1 which indicates less or no respect. These people do not get the credit for the work done by them. There could be a chance they might get cheated by there closed ones, friends or relatives.
    P.V Narsimha Rao also had full stops in between the name which also brought hurdles and issues.
    Did you notice the full stop between the Name Shri. L.K. Advani?
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