Kuldeep yadav play as per numerology

  • On 21st No. 5 ruler Kuldeep Yadav made india proud. Do you know No. 5 ruler kuldeep yadav is heading towards the age number 5(22+) . His destiny No. is 4(14+12+1994) which is same as todays destiny No. (21+9+2017) & The Name No. "Kuldeep Yadav" adds to an excellent name vibration i.e 46. 
    Last but not the least Kuldeep yadav governs by No. 3, Hat trick(3) taken on 21(3) for India(3) & He became the 3rd Indian bowler to take hat trick.
    3 Cheers for #KuldeepYadav & #Numerology #INDVSAUS
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