Virat Kohli & Numerology

  • Virat Kohli 5-11-1988: A 5(The Fastest Planet Mercury) number ruler with destiny number 6(Planet of Luxury & Entertainment Venus). Being a scorpion he governs by number 9(The Fiery Mars). Name number Virat Kohli adds to 32 i.e an excellent octave of 5 which blesses him with speed. Do you know his T-Shirt number is 18 i.e 9 too. It was in 2014 when he was in year number 5, he became the top-ranked T20I batsman in the ICC rankings & became the Captain of Inidan team too.
    Note: Number 5 blessed Virat kohli with speed & knowledge which helped him score the fastest 100 in just 52 balls & many other records. Number 6 made him popular in entertainment & glamour industry. Number 9 gave him the fire to become a Sports person & reach the position where he is today.
    His hard work & numbers have made him popular wordwide.
    Virat Kohli enters his 30th year & personal year 8. 
    Wishing him a success & good luck on his birthday.
    Chandresh Sharmaa Vastu Expert and Numerologist
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