Vastu shastra tips for plot selection

  • Site Selection requires a great knowledge & experience and a vastu consultant is good at it. Vastu consultant is able to check the energies of the plot. Plot whose energies are compatible with the energies of the purchaser has proved to be very beneficial for him. Given below are some basic rules which one should follow before purchasing a plot.

    1.) Sites which are Rectangular in shape ensures all round prosperity & growth. Sites of triangular, circular shapes, those with five corners, hexagon, octagon or polygon shapes or of irregular shapes are not good & should be avoided.
    2.) Location of Site, its surroundings, environment etc...should be considered when selecting the site.
    3.) Soil conditions, its texture, colour, load bearing capacity whether filled up or natural etc.., should also be considered.
    4.)Elevated East leads to loss of Progency however depressed east attracts wealth, long life & fame. Elevated West ushers in name, fame & good children however depressed west results in ill health & loss of children. Elevated north drives away growth & opportunities however depressed North brings in wealth. North East Corner of the site should be the lowest then North west followed by South East. South West Corner should be the highest.
    5.) South-east higher than south-west is bad, higher than North East & North West brings in wealth. Lower than North-West & North-East will cause accidents and hamper's the cash flow.
    6.) Sites with mounds, hills, tall buildings in west & south should be selected & sites with the same in East & North should be rejected.
    7.) Roads in the East should be lower than the site or in level & not higher than the site. Road in the North Should be lower than the site or in level with the site. Road in the south & west should be higher or in level with the road. Road should slope from South to North from West to East & not Vice Versa. Roads in the all the four sides of the site will be an ideal proposition.
    8.) Site with its corner extending to east of south east, south east & south of south east, west of north west, north of north west is not good & has to be rectified. Site with its corner extending to West & North west leads to bad habits & financial difficulties. Sites with extensions to south east causes thefts, fire accidents, quarrel etc those with extended South of south east leads to unnecessary fight, court litigation etc. 
    9.) Sites with corner extending to west of south west, south of south west & south west are worst. Extension to south or south west will cause sorrow, misery, wasteful expenditure, mental disturbance & loss of name & fame.   

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