Numerology analysis of Bappi Lahiri on his Birthday

  • Bappi Lahiri(27-11-1952), Psychic Number 9 & Destiny number 1, A Saggitarian with zodiac number 3.
    Born as Alokesh Lahiri however became famous by the name "Bappi Lahiri" that adds to one of the 
    best octave of 6 i.e 33. 
    Lahiri began to play tabla at the age of 3, He received his first opportunity in a Bengali film, Daadu in the year 1972 i.e year number 1 when he was in his personal year 3 & was heading towards age number 3 too. Got Married with her family number 24 born "Chitrani"
    He recieved filmfare lifetime achievement award in the 63rd (9) filmfare awards in the year 2017(1) when he was in his personal year as well as age number 3.
    Lahiri lost election in 2014 when he was running in his 62nd year i.e against Kalyan Banerjee who was in a better position as per numerology. 
    Lahiri has composed over 5,000 songs in over 500 films. 
    His Hard work, name & numbers has helped him achieve what he is today. Wishing him more growth & happiness. For Numerology by Chandresh Sharmaa Click

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