Numerology Say about Showman Raj Kapoor

  • Birth date: December-14-1924. His Date of birth was 14 that adds upto 5, His Destiny number was 6(Venus), He was also governed by Number 3(being a Sagittarian). A Classic Example of birth chart Numbers (4,9 & 2) & (1,5&9).
    His performance in Awaara(adds upto 3) was ranked as one of the top ten greatest performances of all time by Time magazine. Some other hits were Chori Chori (adds upto 9), Boot Polish (adds upto 47),Aag(5), Anhonee(when he was in his 27th=9year), Aah(when he was in 28th=1year), chhalia(when he was in 36th=9year), Around the world(42nd=6 year) As a director also he gave many hits like Bobby (adds upto 5), Satyam shivam sundaram(54th=9th year), Prem Rog (58th=3rd year) and many more.... 
    His Birth Chart Number's (4,9&2) & (1,5&9), Numerology and his hard work helped him achieve a lot in life. As Truly Said: Success is the Blend Of Luck & Hard Work.
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