Happy Birthday Mr. Prakash Javdekar (30-1-1951)

  • As Per Numerology like other 30's born he being a capricorn is very motivating, Intelligent & creative. 
    A Number 3 ruler with destiny number 2 makes him socialist & co-operative.
    Numbers 9,5 & 1 strongly present in his birth chart makes him stubborn towards his goals, persistent & determined.
    Numbers 2,5 & 8 present in his birth chart he is able to achieve his goals in hard situation too.
    He was elected as the member of parliament to Rajya Sabha in the year 2008 & was re-elected in the year 2014.(Both the year's were in his favour as per numerology)
    Wishing Prakash Javdekar Ji Good luck & Best Wishes on his 69th birthday which is going to be very eventful for him. #Prakashjavdekar #Numerology by #Numerologist Chandresh Sharmaa
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