Numerology Analysis of Warwick Davis on his birthday

  • No one of us are unaware of Professor "Filius Flitwick" & "Griphook" of Harry Potter. Born as Warwick Ashley Davis became popular by the Name Warwick Davis drives by Number 3(Planet of Wealth Jupiter), destiny number 4(The Uranus)  & governs with Number 8(Saturn). 
    Warwick when was in year number 3(12th year) & personal year 9 started his career with the movie "Return of the Jedi" which adds to his lucky number too i.e 9. His lucky numbers are 3,6 & 9.
    Despite of being born as Dwarf he lived up to his numbers. Number 3 made him creative, talented, knowledgeable, expressive & analytical. destiny Number 4 made him practical, reliable, conscientious & well organised person.
    Name Number Warwick Davis adds to 36:
    Name Number 36 can raise even poor people to an enviable status & make them live in mansions. They travel extensively & occupy high positions. Wishing him good luck on his birthday
    Note: As Per Numerologist Chandresh Sharmaa Name Number 36 though is very fortunate however will cause problem within the family so must be used very carefully. Our Name & Numbers Can "Make Or Break" So act very cautiously. 
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