Happy Birthday to bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor

  • As Per Numerology Janhvi Kapoor is A Number 6(The venus) ruler with destiny number 8(The Saturn) & Zodiac Number 3(The Wealthiest Planet Jupiter). Her Name number “JANHVI KAPOOR” adds to an excellent octave of 1 i.e 46. 
    She made her debut in the year 2018 from movie “Dhadak” with the name “Parthavi Singh” that too added to her favorable number i.e 45. 
    Janhvi Kapoor turns 22 today & is heading towards 23 with personal year 3. Year 2019 would bring her good luck, more growth & socializing. #Janhvikapoor #Janhvikapoorbirthday #Numerology by #Celebritynumerologist Chandresh Sharmaa #Vaastunumerology#Vastunumeroexpert
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