Remembering Faarooq Sheikh Numerology Way

  • Remembering one of the Gentle and charming actor #FaarooqSheikh(25-3-1948), As Per Numerology A Ruler no 7 with destiny no. 5. He used to govern by no. 3 who made a successful pair with no. 3 ruler legend actress Deepti Naval. Whole life he lived upto his favourable numbers (2,7,3,5 & 6). He debuted in the year 1973 i.e year number 2 when he was in his lucky year number 3 (25+3+1973) & the Movie Name Number "Garm Hava" added to 5 which was his destiny no.. 
    He Played the role of a migrant Bombay taxi driver from Badaun in Uttar Pradesh in movie "Gaman" (added to 5 i.e his destiny number) in 1978(year number 7). Many of his noted movies added upto his favourable dates & Numbers.
    He was honored with National Award in the year 2010(Year number 3) for the Movie "Lahore" which released in 2009 (year number 2). Movie "Lahore" added to 23 i.e 5 (His Destiny Number).

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