Dwayne Douglas Johnson Numerology Analysis

  • Born as Dwayne Douglas Johnson however became Popular with name "The Rock" is a ruler number 2 with destiny number 26/8 & Zodiac Number 9. People with this combination are generally hardworking, intuitive, lucky, successful, disciplined however are very outspoken who cross the boundaries to achieve success.
    Both the Name Number "Dwayne Douglas Johnson" & "The Rock" adds to number 1 which gives immense success in profession, Entertainment, T.V, Media etc however is not so good for personal life.
    Rock Completely is living upto his name & numbers. ZOdiac number 9 gave him sports spirit because of which he was an excellent footballer & won championship too in the year 1991 when he was in his personal year 9 & running in the age 1(both are favourable for him) before actually attaining worldwide fame through WWE wrestling which too is related to number 9.
    Do you know he secured a contract with wwe when he was in his favourable year too.
    In the Year 2002 when he was in his own personal year 2 & year number 4(1,2,4&7 are favourables) he played a first leading acting role  in the movie scorpion king. Scorpion king too added to 47/2 his own number which made him more popular. After then he acted in & produced various films. Rock was in the list of "Time 100 Most Influential People in the World list" Both the years were his own in 2106 he was in 44th year & in 2109 he was in 47th year. To Know more about Numerologist Chandresh Sharmaa Visit http://www.vaastu-numerology.com/about-us.php