Does Numerology always need a Name Change

  • Then Sonam A. Kapoor Now Sonam Kapoor, Then Ajay Devgan Now Ajay Devgn, Then Ayushman Khurana Now Ayushmann Khurrana, Then Jimmy Shergill Now Jimmy Sheirgill and many more clebrities, brands etc like them did few changes to there name, signatures and followed simple tips & tricks of numerology & Everyone knows the improvement in their career & life. 
    Everytime change in name is not required as many are lucky enough to have a ready made compatible names. Only few numerology tips & tricks work as a a charm. 
    Not every time change in name is fruitful as people who would not choose Job, career or profession according to their skill set (Read as numbers), might  face hurdles even after changing the name. So proper analysis as per Numerology is required before making any changes in the Name.
    Sonam A. Kapoor added to 3(48) with full stop in between which is not recommended however the new name Sonam Kapoor adds to 2.
    Ajay Devgan added to 1(28) & the new name Ajay devgn adds to 9.
    Ayushman Khurana added to 3(48) & the new name ayushmann khurrana adds to 1.
    Jimmy Shergill added to 9 & Jimmy sheirgill adds to 1
    Rani Mukherji added to 8 however Rani Mukerji adds to 3
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