Has Shri L.K Advani's Present name been the reason for his unending issues ?

  • As per numerology Shri L.K.Advani is a Scorpios who drives by Number 8 with destiny number 2. Shri L.K.Advani uses full stops in between his name which is not allowed as per numerology as it attracts breaks & hurdle's in our life. As per Celebrity Numerologist Chandresh Sharmaa let's see how L K ADVANI'S lucky numbers and hard work helped him achieve in his life however could have achieved much more with a suitable name vibration.
    In 1965 he was married to Late Mrs. Kamla Advani in his 38th year (number 2 which is his destiny number). He became Minister of home affairs in year 1998(year number 9) Being a scorpion he is governed by number 9 & he was in his personal year 1 which is one of his lucky number year too.
    He became the deputy prime minister of India in his year number 3 which is also his one of the lucky numbers. Recently he was honoured  with Padam Vibhushan in year 2015(year number 8). He was heading towards age number 8 & was in his personal year 1.
    Today he has turned 90 and has headed towards the year number 1 with personal year number 4 in next year 2018. As per numerology it would be better if he removes dots in between of his present name L.K. ADVANI i.e he should write his name as L K Advani which adds to a nice name number which is suitable for him.
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