Madhuri Dixit would have an eventful 51st year as per Numerology

  • Madhuri dixit is going to have an eventful 51st year as per Numerology. As per Numerology she Doubly Rules by number 6 with Destiny Number 7 & a Taurian governs by Number 6 (The planet of luxury & Entertainment). Number 6(Venus) is the biggest ingredient of bollywood. These people do well as public figures.
    She has number 9,5,1(People with these three numbers have a Strong will power) in her birth chart which let her make a come back with the musical Aaja Nachle after 5 years break in her career. Later starring in the 2014 dramas Dedh Ishqiya and Gulaab Gang.
    An excellent dancer & a model. Others who did well in such a field are Sachin Tendulkar {24/04, double Venus}, Sania Mirza, {15/11}, Kapil Dev {06/01}, Amitabh {11/10, Libran, ruled by Venus}, Shahrukh Khan {his name vibrates to # 6} and many more. Madhuri Dixit's lucky number are 3,6 & 9. She is entering her 51st year and going through a personal year 3 which is going to be an eventful year for her.
    Stay blessed the "Dhak Dhak Girl"