What Numerology Says about Singer Pankaj Udhas

  • Happy Birthday Celebrity Singer Pankaj Udhas Ji (17-May-1951). He is a number 8 ruler with destiny number 2 & being a Taurus is governed by number 6. Number 2 & 6 both are the best ingredient for artistic field.  Name number Pankaj Udhas added to an excellent octave of 1 i.e 37 which lifts even an ordinary person to the most prominent positions in life. 
    His song "Chitthi AAYEE HAI" from the movie "NAAM" made him world famous favoured him a lot. Naam adds to 2 & Chitthi aayee hai adds to 7. 
    2&7 are mirror image as per numerology. Movie Naam release date was 30 aug 1986. Destiny number that day was 8 which was his own ruler number 8.
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