Numerology Say about Showman Raj Kapoor

Birth date: December-14-1924. His Date of birth was 14 that adds upto 5, His Destiny number was 6(Venus), He was also governed by Number 3(being a Sagittarian). A Classic Example of birth chart Numbers (4,9 & 2) & (1,5&9).
His performance in Awaara(adds upto 3) was ranked as one of the top ten greate


Importance Of Main door as per vastu shastra

An Ideal Door Protects you from all Evil Energies & brings Auspicious Energies for your total well-being so be aware while choosing the doors For Your House.
Not every door location in North direction, North East direction & East direction is suitable Sameways not every door location in south & West direction is har


Numerology analysis of Bappi Lahiri on his Birthday

Bappi Lahiri(27-11-1952), Psychic Number 9 & Destiny number 1, A Saggitarian with zodiac number 3.
Born as Alokesh Lahiri however became famous by the name "Bappi Lahiri" that adds to one of the 
best octave of 6 i.e 33. 
Lahiri began to play tabla at the age of 3, He received his first opportunity in a Bengali film, Daadu in the year 1972 i.e year number 1 when he was in his personal year 3 & was heading towards age number 3 too. Got Married with her family number 24 born "Chitrani"
He recieved filmfa


Deepika & Ranveer's marriage on 14 & 15th is mere Coincidence?

Everyone is actually following the news of Deepika Padukone & Ranveer singh's marriage. Do you actually know why did they selected the dates 14th & 15th? Deepika Padukone is a ruler number 5 however Ranveer singh is a ruler number 6. Both the dates were there favourable. 
Their first movie "Goliyon Ki Ras Leela- Ram Leela too added to 6 & was released in 2013 i.e 6 too" was a big hit
Deepika Padukone is an earth element however Ranveer singh is a water element which mak


Happy 73rd Birthday to the Honorable President of India

As Per Numerology Shri. Ram Nath Kovind is a ruler number 1 with destiny number 3. He became the President of India in 2017 i.e year number 1 & he was running in his 9th year & Personal Year 3 that is his


Happy Birthday Narendra Modi Ji

A Number 8(Saturn Ruler) with Destiny number 5(Mercury) & being a a virgo governed by 5 number too. Read More...