9 Vastu tips to please Goddess Laxmi this Diwali

The bright and beautiful annual celebration of Diwali is coming up , with millions of people getting set to light up their lives for five days of festivities. Follow the below given tips by Vastu Consultant Chandresh Sharmaa this diwali to attract growth and bless yourself with More money, wealth & happiness


6 vastu tips to strengthen the bond of love this karvachauth

Karwa Chauth is a one day festival celebrated by hindu womens in many countries in which married women keep fast for the safety and longevity of their husbands. It is also known as the festival of love and


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East Vastu direction

पूर्वस्यां तु सभागारं

As per vastu shastra East is recommended for conference room or meeting room. East being the direction of social association if balanced as per the rules of vastu shastra enable us to meet the right kind of people who support us in fulfilling our purpose.


Importance of North West Vastu Direction

As per vastu shastra north-west direction should be used for storage purpose. North-west being the direction of support if balanced and properly managed as per vastu shastra helps the person to get right kind of people for help at the time of need. 
Toilet in the north-west vastu direction if not balanced or managed as per vastu shastra flushes away the cash in hand & support at the time of need. 


Importance of South East Vastu Direction

As per vastu shastra South-east also known as Agneya Corner should be used for Cooking purpose. However apart from South east direction there are various other directions where cooking can be done and residents of the house can bring zeal and growth in their life. 
Kitchen in the North East & South west direction should be strictly prohibited. It attracts bad health and relationship issues respectively.

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