Deepika & Ranveer's marriage on 14 & 15th is mere Coincidence?

Everyone is actually following the news of Deepika Padukone & Ranveer singh's marriage. Do you actually know why did they selected the dates 14th & 15th? Deepika Padukone is a ruler number 5 however Ranveer singh is a ruler number 6. Both the dates were there favourable. 
Their first movie "Goliyon Ki Ras Leela- Ram Leela too added to 6 & was released in 2013 i.e 6 too" was a big hit
Deepika Padukone is an earth element however Ranveer singh is a water element which mak


Happy 73rd Birthday to the Honorable President of India

As Per Numerology Shri. Ram Nath Kovind is a ruler number 1 with destiny number 3. He became the President of India in 2017 i.e year number 1 & he was running in his 9th year & Personal Year 3 that is his


Happy Birthday Narendra Modi Ji

A Number 8(Saturn Ruler) with Destiny number 5(Mercury) & being a a virgo governed by 5 number too. Read More...

What is Numerology Say about Singer Asha Bhosle Ji

Happy Birthday to one of the best known as singer "Asha Bhosle" ji (September 8, 1933). As Per Numerology A Number 8(Saturn The Judge) Ruler with destiny number 5(Mercury The Buddh), governed by number 1 too. 
She started her career in the year 1943(Year number 8) at an early age of 10, In the year 1981(year number 1) she attempted a different genre by sing


bollywood singer Krishna Kumar Kunnath Numerology reading

Born as Krishnakumar kunnath on August 23, 1968 however popularly known as KK. As Per Numerology he is a ruler number 5 with destiny number 1. & Being a leo he is governed by number  1 too. His debut album Pal


Sanjeev Kumar Numerology Reading

Today on 9-July in 1938 A Celebrity named Harihar Jethalal Jariwala who later on became popular by the name "Sanjeev Kumar" was born who mesmerized everyone by his amazing acting. 
Driven by number 9(Fiery mars) with destiny number 1(The Sun) & governed by Number 5 the fastest planet Mercury. Do you know The Name Number "Sanjeev Kumar" too adds to his governing number i.e 41 which is an excellent octave of 5. 
Do you know he had series of hit movies however movies for which he had recieved the national award i.e "Da