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Feng Shui tips: Where to place laughing Buddha

It is believed that placing the idol of laughing Buddha at home brings positive chi energy. But, while placing this Buddha it is very important to know where to place it to get the right results. 
Most auspicious location for Buddha
– The best place to keep a laughing Buddha is opposite the main front door of a home on a table that is about thirty inches high. 
This allows the statue to neutralize any negative chi, and transform it to very lucky energy.
– If you are keeping the statue in your living room then make sure it faces the front door. 
– Students are advised to place the Buddha on their desk.  
– Placing a Buddha on the desk at work ensures success and prosperity. 
– If you intend to place a Buddha statue in your meditation garden then it is advised to choose one in meditation pose.
– Placing a Buddha statue in the yoga room is also considered good. In such rooms place it at eye level or higher.
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