Madhuri Dixit Numerology analysis on her 53rd Birthday

As per Numerology she Doubly Rules by number 6 with Destiny Number 7 & a Taurian governs by Number 6 (The planet of luxury & Entertainment). Number 6(Venus) is the biggest ingredient of bollywood. The


Kiran Kher to Kirron Kher as Per Numerology

Kirron Kher. Ji(14/6/1955)


Anupam Kher Numerology Analysis on His Birthday

As Per Numerology Celebrity Actor Anupam Kher was born on March 7, 1955. He rules by number 7(The Neptune) & doubly governed by Number 3(The Jupiter). Read More...

Happy Birthday Mr. Prakash Javdekar (30-1-1951)

As Per Numerology like other 30's born he being a capricorn is very motivating, Intelligent & creative. 
A Number 3 ruler with destiny number 2 makes him socialist & co-opera


Numerology Analysis of Warwick Davis on his birthday

No one of us are unaware of Professor "Filius Flitwick" & "Griphook" of Harry Potter. Born as Warwick Ashley Davis became popular by the Name Warwick Davis drives by Number 3(Planet of Wealth Jupiter), destiny number 4(The Uranus)  & governs with Number 8(Saturn). 
Warwick when was in year number 3(12th year) & personal year 9 started his career with the movie "Return of the Jedi" which adds to his lucky number too i.e 9. His lucky numbers are 3,6 & 9.
Despite of being born as Dwarf he


Happy Birthday Prakash Jha a Number 9 ! "MANGAL"

Happy birthday to producer, director, actor Prakash Jha. A number 9(Fiery Mars) ruler with destiny number 1 & zodiac number 8.
Prakash Jha is very popular for his movies which actually revolved around socio politics which is actually his forte be