Numerology & Sonam Kapoor's Success

Sonam Kapoor(9/6/1985).
A Number 9 ruler with destiny number 3. Her Name Number Sonam Kapoor adds to 47 which is a nice name number. Do you know last year in 2016(9) she won heart & was highly acclaimed For the Movie Neerja. 
2016 was year number 9 & she was running in her 33rd(6) year & personal year 6 too which was her year favourable year & Neerja added to an excellent Name number 19. 
I had predicted the success of Neerja before its release.


Man Of Steel Lakshmi Mittal As Per Numerology

Laxmi Mittal(15/6/1950), a

Kate Winslet & Numerology

Kate Elizabeth Winslet (5-10-1975)
A Number 5 ruler with destiny number 1 & governed by Number 6, Kate Elizabeth Winslet became popular as Kate Winslet.
No. 5 made her a public figure, No. 1 made her a good speaker while No. 6 is a nice ingredient for hollywood & acting field.
A No. 5 ruler Kate Winslet broke the record for the youngest person to receive two Oscar nominations at the age of 22 when she was heading towards year 5 i.e in her own period.
David Edelst


Ranveer Singh Numerology Reading

Happy birthday to one of the highest paid actor in Bollywood Ranveer Singh Bhavnani(July 6, 1985) however became popular by the Name Ranveer Singh.
Driven by number 6(The Luxurious & Romantic Venus) with destiny number 9(The Fiery Mars) debuted in the year 2010 i.e year number 3 one of his lucky numbers.
Do you know last year 2017-18 he was in his own year that let him reach amongst the highest paid actors in the industry. 
He has established him as a leading actor in the Hindi film industry aft


What is Numerology Say about Singer Asha Bhosle Ji

Happy Birthday to one of the best known as singer "Asha Bhosle" ji (September 8, 1933). As Per Numerology A Number 8(Saturn The Judge) Ruler with destiny number 5(Mercury The Buddh), governed by number 1 too. 
She started her career in the year 1943(Year number 8) at an early age of 10, In the year 1981(year number 1) she attempted a different genre by sing


Happy 73rd Birthday to the Honorable President of India

As Per Numerology Shri. Ram Nath Kovind is a ruler number 1 with destiny number 3. He became the President of India in 2017 i.e year number 1 & he was running in his 9th year & Personal Year 3 that is his