Is Number 8 & Narendra Modi's event's just a Co-incidence?

Today on 26th Feb Prime Minister Narendra Modi Addresses India through Mann Ki baat. This is not the first time 17 born Narendra Modi ji did this for first time on 8th or its Octave. Demonetization in India happened on 8th November at 8 Pm. 

He spoke in Parliament on demonetization on 8 feb earlier this Month. Even Mann ki Baat adds to a Nice Octave of 8. Is Number 8 & Narendra Modi's event's is just a Co-incidence? &n


Manohar Parrikar an another Number 4 shines in year 2017(1)

In the year number 1 Another Number 13/4 Shri.Manohar Parrikar shines on the day number 7 with destiny number 2. Do you Know BJP & Goa both adds to 2 as well.Read More...

Did Numbers Favoured Up's CM Yogi Adityanath Ji too?

UP Welcomes his New CM Shri Yogi Adityanath. Ji. There were many Leaders in Race however did Numbers played any role in his favour? See what Numerologist Chandresh Sharmaa has to say about it


BJP Foundation day & Numerology

Power of 1
BJP celebrates completion of its 37th Foundation day today. BJP was formed on 6th april 1980 wh


Is Number 1 N Biren Singh Rise in the Year Number 1 as per Numerology?

Shri. N Biren Singh the first CM Of BJP took Oath in Manipur on 15 March 2017. Did Number’s favoured him too as per Numerology ? 
N Biren Singh was born on (1-1-1961) which makes him rule by number 1 & destiny number 1 as well. He became the first CM of Manipur on 15-3-2017 whose destiny number is 1(15+3+2017) & the year number is 1(2017=1). The Name Number N Biren Singh adds to an excellent octave of 1 too. He is heading towards the age number 3


Shri. Ram Nath Kovind, Shrimati. Meira Kumar & Numerology

Another Number 1 rises in the year number 1. A Number 1(1-10-1945) born Shri. Ram Nath Kovind elected as the 14th president of India in the year 2017(1) & today's destiny numbers i