Vastu tips for Factory

  • Each Factory has a unique feature in its products however general purpose of an Industry is to do quality & efficient production with less minimum wastage & hurdles. Many a times it found that industrial unit is not able to fulfill its purpose and start attracting losses which results in the shutting down of the unit.

    Vastu helps us to tackle with problems such as Low production or slow output, poor quality, Weak sales or No new orders, unrest among labour, departmental problems, Theft, leakage or wastage, frequent accidents, rejections, machine output or frequent breakdowns etc.
    Vastu Compliant industrial buildings start getting more orders & smoother sales with better performance of man & machinery, productions is more than the capacity of the unit. Better quality & improved efficiency, wastage, rejections & thefts are controlled. Inactive & non-cooperative staff leave the industry, senior management is able to see wider & planning new expansions in the unit.

    Vastu Consultant Chandresh Sharmaa checks and records the influence of Earth Energies, Universal Energies, common entrance of the building (if your workplace is located in a Mall), common corridor, escalator, adjoining buildings, roads, elevation, building height, Machines and many more factors located outside and inside your workplace boundaries that effects our efficient working...... Scientific & Optimum solutions are provided to overcome the problems.