Vastu tips for a new house

  • Almost Everyone wish to purchase his or her dream house where he or she can live happily. A Vastu Compliant property helps an individual to live a stress free life which helps him attract more more money, growth & prosperity. Vastu Expert does Various Checks & audit the house from various aspects starting from earth energies to Universal energies that is responsible for the successive growth of an Individual or corporate.
    "First We Shape Our buidings there after It Shapes Us" hence Before Purchasing the house one should know the following.
    Entrance Location:
    Positive speech from mouth keeps person positive same ways Positive Entrance attracts good luck & prosperity for the house members. North, East, West, South & North East are the positive entrances. Houses with Entrances in South-West direction should strictly be avoided.
    Toilet Positions:
    Toilets are nothing but disposal in the house. Toilets located in the positive direction when used flushes away the positivity of that direction. Example toilet located in the west direction of house may hamper the Gains & Profits. Toilet located in the North East direction is the biggest curse for a house. North East being the direction of mind clarity & wisdom & if toilet is built here leads to serious health issues & consistent failures in life. Toilet built in the East of south east direction of house helps in controlling the excessive churning & anxiety from the residents mind further reaching the right conclusion. Toilet located in the south of south west direction too is beneficial as it controls the unnecessary expenditure & wastage. Toilet located in the West of North west vastu direction helps in managing the low moods & depression.
    Kitchen Location:
    Fire if imbalanced increases the anger & aggression or keeps the mood low & hampers the cash flow, marital relationships & can also be responsible for marriage ceremonies of daughter not happening in the house. Good Location of kitchen in the house is South East, South of South East, South & West direction however various other factors like slab colour and material needs to be taken care of too. Example Granite should strictly be avoided in the kitchen below the stove. Kitchen if in the North east direction creates opinion differences between the members & leads to serious health hazards however kitchen in the South-West vastu direction hampers our Relatioships.
    Position of Rooms:
    Room if in the positive direction helps residents grow consistently however if in the negative direction hampers our growth & health. Example Person staying in the South of South west direction room would flush away his positivity & vitality & would remain unhealty & can always be under debts & loans. He disconnects himself from others too.
    Geopathic Stress: There could be various stress lines in your building which needs to identified, judged & taken care of very seriously because until these lines are cured you cannot live a happy, healthy & a stress free life.
    Do You need the Vastu Guidance:
    Chandresh Sharmaa is an Ace Vastu Consultant who has Served & is Serving top Corporates & Individuals. He Practices Scientific Vastu without unnecessary demolition which enables him to do simple vastu of a building without any demolition or structural changes. Stay blessed & Have a Happy Living