Vastu tips for an office

  • Not every office is built with the same purpose however general purpose of an office is to work for an overall success & good profit. A Vastu compliant office keeps you away from certain issues like Lack of vision & confusion, wrong decision, sales/marketing ineffectiveness, issues related to payment recovery, no new opportunities, not getting the right people, funds blocked, lacking confidence, not getting recognition, expenses on higher side, skill lacking, IT problems, Non cooperative staff, project delays & loss on investment.

    Vastu of an office requires proper analysis & working. Here are some vastu tips for office
    1. North or East Facing office is considered positive.
    2. Avoid irregular shaped office as it disturbs the energy flow while Rectangle shape is considered to be best.
    3. The owner or the main head must face North or west while working or dealing with clients.
    4. Marketing staff should occupy the south direction of the office.
    5. Accounts related people should sit in the West or North direction of the office.
    6. Offices with Toilets built in the North east, North of north east or South west would hamper the working in the office.
    7. Pantry can be constructed in the South east, South of south east, South or West direction of house.
    8. Staircase in the Brahmsthan should strictly be avoided.
    9. Avoid keeping pictures that depicts war or negativity in the office.

    We have to take care of the following points while studying about the vastu of an office as vastu consultation of an office involves a thorough analysis.
    1. Proper location of the office in the building
    2. The exteriors of the office like shape, slope, height, water level
    3. The direction of the Entrance
    4. The Elemental balance of the office
    5. The Stress Points in the office
    6. The Energy flow in the office 
    7. The direction & placement of the windows
    8. The location of the beams
    9. The location of the basement
    10. The direction & location placement of the MD room
    11. The direction & placement of the employees rooms as per the nature of work.
    12. The direction & location placement of the reception
    13. The direction & placement of AC, cooler, audio systems(if required)
    14. The direction and placement of the stairs
    15. The direction & placement of the electronic equipment
    16. The direction & placement of the pantry/kitchen
    17. The direction & placement of the toilets
    18. The direction & placement of the seminar and conferences room
    19. The direction & placement of the water products
    20. The colour scheme of the rooms, entrance, office etc 

    Remember! Vastu Solutions does not require any kind of structural changes & positive results can be achieved in a very logical & scientific way. So Stop demolishing on the Name of Vastu.