North East Vastu Direction

  • Generals of North-East Vastu Direction:
    ईशान्यां देवतागृहं: North-east Vastu direction also known as Ishaan corner of house should be used for making the place of gods(Devtas). As per vastu shastra Shiv parivar is the lord of North East direction. 
    Door Effects in North East Direction facing Properties:
    North East direction has 2 major door entrances. First entrance blesses the residents with a higher bank balance however second entrance causes fire, accidents & unexpected losses.
    Do's in the North East direction:
    Worshipping lord Shiva in this zone, doing meditation, keeping waiting area, reception, guest room, guest bedrooms, studying mythological books, sitting & relaxing in this direction  proves very beneficial for the residents of the house. 
    Dont's in the North East direction:
    Avoid making store room, toilet or kitchen in North East direction as it is fatal. Bedroom in this direction if used for a long time disconnects person from worldly pleasures.

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