Vastu tips for kitchen

  • Vastu for kitchen has a great importance reason kitchen being the place where lady of the house cooks & fire is the main activity here. Fire is responsible for zeal, beauty, personality & spark in our life. 

    Balanced fire attracts fame, relaxation, power, confidence, good money in our life however dis-balanced fire leads to aggression, depression, blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension, thefts, cash liquidity issues, fire & accidents, miscarriages, person remains very low, un-confident & does not want to work.

    As per vastu shastra ideal location for the kitchen in house is in south east direction however after extensive research, working, observations & feedbacks its found that there are other directions available too in the house where kitchen gives an excellent result. 
    Buildings with kitchen in South vastu zone, South of South East vastu zone, West vastu zone & North West vastu zone works well however wall colours, shapes, slab colours, balancing of the vastu zones should be as per vastu shastra rules otherwise it would lead to fire dis balance. 
    1. Kitchen built in the North vastu zone of house hampers the growth & opportunities in our life.
    2. Kitchen built in North of North East vastu zone leads to various health problems, people in the house require regular ailments.
    3. Kitchen built in the North East vastu zone of house leads to severe ailments related to brain- person may loose clarity and always remain in the state of confusion. 
    4. Kitchen in the East of North East vastu zone causes people to become very desperate for fun and enjoyment in life however they are not able to do so because of presence of fire in this zone.
    5. Kitchen built in the East of South east Vastu zone leads to continous clashes in the family however male develop diseases like diabetes & hypertension.
    6. Kitchen if built in the South west Vastu zone leads to improper utilization of skills due to which residents faces instability in career, it also becomes the reason for delay in children's marriage.
    Like wise kitchen built in different zones of the house has a positive or negative effects in the life of the residents. It is observed and experienced that vastu shastra rules if not followed properly gives reverse effects on the health, growth & prosperity of the residents.