Vastu tips for bedroom

  • Purpose of vastu for bedroom in house is to relax physically as well as mentally where we spend approximately one third of our life. Quality of our sleep highly determines the way we live our life when we awake. It also affects relationship with our soulmate as well as our health. Our highest privacy & biggest intimacy is also hidden behind the door. 
    A Vastu compliant bedroom enables the resident to lead a healthy, relaxed & a prosperous life.
    A working Person should sleep with his head in south vastu direction & students especially the young ones should sleep with their head in east vastu direction.
    Bedroom in the North East Vastu direction cannot be remedied of its ills hence it has to abandoned.
    Bedroom in the East of North East Vastu direction brings joy & inner happiness & sense of leading a meaningful life.
    East Vastu direction bedroom is very suitable for person who wish to become more social. East South East Bedroom causes anxiety, disturbed relationship & hypertension.

    South East direction being the zone of fire so bedroom here makes the person aggressive in nature & at times, short tempered. Bedroom in South Of South East vastu direction develops great mental & physical strength.

    Bedroom in South of south west vastu direction causes stomach-related ailments. despite of giving your best to your work you do not get adequate return. So stop immediately sleeping in this bedroom. South west vastu direction being the zone of skills enable the person to acquire new skills. He also becomes a good family man who cares for his family.
    Bedroom in West Vastu direction is acceptable as it is the zone of all round gains. Person if sleeps in West of North West vastu direction's bedroom suffers from low mood & depression. Person who sleeps in the North West vastu direction keeps on helping others however does get support at the time of need.

    Newly married couple should be allotted the bedroom in the North of North West Vastu direction of house. North vastu direction is one of the ideal place to make bedroom as it is a great boon for career of its occupants. Bedroom in the North of North East Vastu direction weakens the immune system and cause cough related problems. Following the vastu tips for home & applying vastu for bedroom one can fulfill the purpose of using bedroom in house. 

    Vastu for bedroom needs proper detailing and observation as improper colours, wrong direction & placement of bed & other furniture etc can be the reason for vastu imbalance in your bedroom. Vastu Correction does not require unnecessary structural changes in the house.